By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

Traditional Thai foot massage activates your innate healing response with pressure point and sen line work on the feet and lower extremities. I am combining this technique with integrative/deep tissue on the back, neck and shoulders. You probably know how wonderful integrative massage helps your back feel. In this session you get all the attention on the places where you store the brunt of your stress along with improved circulation in the feet and legs. Traditional Thai foot massage has many benefits;

  • Improve circulation in feet and legs
  • Offer stress reduction and relaxation
  • Improve mood and mental clarity
  • Accelerate physical cleansing and healing
  • Provide increased flexibility of feet and joints
  • Reduce pain and stiffness
  • Give a welcome boost to the immune system.

In this session we will start with the back and then move to to feet and lower legs. You will feel the sedating benefits!

Note: This session is based on a training lineage with the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai. This tradition from the North of Thailand can be experienced as a more gentle approach than what some might have experienced from the Southern tradition.

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Photo Credit: Shawna is on Facebook “Imago Imaging” and Instagram “imago_imaging”