A Love Letter To “The You” In 2022

By Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds

The idea for this newsletter came about as I was thinking about the new year ahead and our collective desires for more of the good stuff and less of the hard stuff.

I thought about the promises we like to make to ourselves (move more, eat better, be kinder). I reflected upon the dire statistics about how most resolutions are given up within a month.

From experience, I know that it is not our mindset that can’t maintain the resolutions, but that the outer world around us does not support our inner transformation.

So here we are standing at the threshold of 2022, another year of unknowns but what if we could overlook the chaos and confusion. What if instead we focused our attention on the day to day rituals that allow us to lay the groundwork for positive personal transformation.

This reminds me of how in yoga you come for the movement but you STAY for the Savasana. You have to train yourself for stillness! You have to give yourself space for transformation and permission to just be you.


How can I encourage us to forget about the uncertainty of WHAT 2022 will bring, but instead focus upon finding refuge for the self? 

I had a chance encounter recently with my financial adviser friend John. John said, you have to set up a plan to pay yourself first. Pay yourself first! I loved this! Bliss is a pay yourself first kind of place (for example our monthly memberships). All of these ruminations remind me that the stillness we crave does not take much time. While inspiration comes in a flash, it is the regular actions (like paying ourselves first) that bring our dreams to fruition regardless of the world around us.

For me, BlissBlissBliss has been this magical space where I daily find meaning, connection, community and self. In so many ways, our work (massage, meditation, yoga, bodywork)  celebrates our devotion to the idea that Bliss is really good about bringing about transformation.

When I say positive transformation, I am thinking about soul satisfying things like positive self talk, interactions that have true connection and rituals that allow us to feel good in our bodies.

“Positive Transformation Is About Soul Satisfaction.”


Writing A Love Letter To Yourself

I wanted to propose this idea, take a moment to write a love letter to yourself that is living your best life in 2022. It is not the year that makes you! It is the “you” in the year that makes the year.

So in this letter, make a list of at least 3 things you love about yourself. Next write about the things that you do regularly that really help you connect with yourself.

Use these things as your foundation for growth. Reflect on how you can support those aspects of yourself more. Make these your “love myself more” goals for 2022.

See these as your own personal “pay yourself first plans”. The point of this exercise is to bring clarity that being you and being more you is all about the everyday you.

Be sure to connect to the idea that being more you should bring you joy and fulfillment everyday. What you do routinely to find refuge supports your transformation into being more you. The challenge is to embrace small wins and pay yourself first everyday. Then 2022 truly will be a love letter to yourself.


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