By Elizabeth

You will want to carve out 3 hours for this amazing treat of a bodywork session.

This session includes Thai Massage, dry skin brushing, hot stones, herbal compresses, table steam and more.

We start with a Thai Yoga Massage. Come wearing loose, comfortable clothing and be prepared to be laying on our deluxe Thai Yoga mat while I combine the ancient Thai techniques of compression, massage of the Sen lines and gentle stretching.

Then you will move to the massage table for dry skin brushing using Guaiacwood essential oils to stimulate the lymph and exfoliate the body. This is followed by an integrative massage with warm Thai herbal compresses, Hot Himalayan Salt Stones and a Thai foot massage.

Your session ends with a table steam with Thai herbs and a special Ayurvedic inspired marma point face massage with gua sha tool.

Yes Please! This is 3 hours of body aligning bliss! $350