Our motto has been “Relax – Breathe – Stretch” and we like to offer as many ways as we can to help you achieve this.

Virtual Classes / Zoom Classes DO ALLOW YOU TO “Use Your Yoga Pass”.
  • Zoom Yoga With Mary Angel M/F 9AM
In House Classes / Warning: Double check the Online calendar.
  • Saturday 9:00AM Hot Vinyasa With Melita
  • Saturday 10:30 Flow With Sarah
  • Monday 9:00 Gentle Yoga With Mary Angel
  • Monday 12:00 Salutations And Balance With Elizabeth
  • Monday 6:30PM Slow Flow With Sarah
  • Tuesday 9:30AM Gentle Yoga With Mary Angel
  • Tuesday 12:00 Yin To Restore With Elizabeth
  • Tuesdays 5:30PM Flow/storativ With Heidi
  • Wednesday 12PM Long, Slow And Deep Gentle Yoga With Elizabeth
  • Wednesday 6:30PM Yoga For Beginners With Jessica
  • Thursday 9:30AM Hatha Yoga With Nadia
  • Thursday 5:30 Vinyasa Flow With Sierra
  • Friday 9:00 Bliss Flow With Mary Angel
  • Friday 12:00 Restorative With Stephanie
You Need To Know these things:
  • Online Register Only. This means no walk ins until further notice. Class sizes vary, so online register is a must.
  • Always bring your own mat and props. We do have prop rental.
  • Call and leave a message if you have trouble registering (304-413-0270)
  • Please Read ALL the notes we have posted on the booking site as these ARE about YOUR visit. We cover class no shows, cancellations and more.