Seasonal Living: How Living RIGHT now creates the best future

Seasonal Living: How Living RIGHT now creates the best future

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Heidi and Elizabeth have partnered up to share our favorite yoga, meditation and mudra practices that really help you manage the transition / transformation that we all experience from fall through mid winter.

When you register to our Living Seasonally: Autumn Edition, you will get access to lots of video content making the Ayurveda lifestyle shifts so practical and accessible. Best of all, we offer tips that are tailored to you!

You get:
Lifestyle: Seasonal insights, daily rituals, recipes, and understanding how the season affects YOU.
Movement: Yoga practices that tune into the seasonal themes and promote mind/body harmony.
Meditation: Mindfulness techniques and Mudras to support you throughout the season.
Transitions: Considerations for flowing into the next season with more ease.

Best part! The whole experience is virtual. This means you can re-watch everything forever and is perfect for when you have 5 minutes for a meditation or 60 minutes for a yoga practice or 20 minutes in the kitchen! We’ll send you an email along with a link to our password protected portal when you register.

Watch this to learn more:

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