Five Techniques For Reducing Stress & Increasing Happiness

Five Techniques For Reducing Stress & Increasing Happiness

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Republished From Kathryn Roethel at SFGate

Here are five techniques for reducing stress and increasing happiness.

  • Keep a daily gratitude journal, listing items for which you feel grateful.
  • Perform a meditation practice, or simply a few minutes of deep breathing and quiet reflection on something that made you happy. Consider what you can do to achieve that happiness again.
  • Make a habit of sharing the highlights of your day with someone close to you.
  • Practice forgiveness routinely.
  • Construct a list of all activities and experiences that relax and rejuvenate you. Use items from this list to manage your daily stress.

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    We at BlissBlissBliss of course would offer that getting some bodywork (massage, yoga, thai yoga) can assist you in finding the space to breathe and relax. Turning down the dial on the adrenal glands is really key for being able to implement a daily practice. PS. We have a 4 meditation classes on the schedule this month. 🙂

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