The Essence – The Invitation – The Medicine

The Essence – The Invitation – The Medicine

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Develop Your Intuition – Live Your Intention

How many times do we find our selves with a troubled heart, a defeated body and a head filled with what if, what for, or why me? When those times come, it is so useful to use our intuitive skills. A few years ago, I started using oracle decks to help calm mind/body/spirit. They are fun, they are beautiful and help focus the energy in a more profound and helpful way.

I cannot wait to share a meditation, these techniques and these teachings with you. – Elizabeth

In this class we learn how to use an Oracle deck, a meditative mind and your own suffering to bring light to the path. We will use 2 different techniques to unlock the space between the shadow in your heart and the “way finding”. You will love the validation this practice can bring to your daily life.

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When: Saturday Dec. 1, 2018
Time: 12:30 – 2:00 PM
price: $44 includes oracle deck

Class is charged at Registration. Can’t come, we will have the deck for you at bliss.

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