Thrive with your Tribe

Thrive with your Tribe

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Thrive to Health Program with Colleen Harshbarger

Did you know that your state of health and wellbeing is greatly affected by the people you spend time with?  If you’re surrounded by negative people, you’re more likely to be negative. If you’re with people who are stressed out, you’re more likely to be stressed.  Simply put, it makes it harder to create a life of thriving when you’re not with people who value health and wellbeing.  Thrive to Health is an 8-week program that gives you a tribe to thrive with – on purpose.  We know the importance of being in a group of people supporting each other to make lasting change.  We know that each of us is creative, resourceful and whole and has the innate potential to able to creating a life of thriving.  If you’re looking to make a lasting change in your life, don’t go it alone.  Join the next round of our Thrive to Health program beginning March 14th  & 16th and get ready to start thriving!

Get more information and see the 2 times for Thrive to Health on our Facebook events:

March 14th Event Page

March 16th Event Page

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