Thrive to Health this Year

Thrive to Health this Year

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Thrive to Health Program with Colleen Harshbarger

New Year’s is a great time for setting intentions, for resolving to make a life change of some sort. Unfortunately, 80% of New Year’s resolution aren’t achieved, perhaps you’re in this camp this year.  Why is that?  Often missed steps are getting clear on your deepest motivations and learning to break down goals into small steps for lasting change. The process we use in Thrive to Health is designed to spark deep self-exploration so that you understand how your beliefs impact your behavior and your behaviors impact your goals. You’ll explore the deep layers of the psychological, motivational and spiritual realms to discover how they impact your health at the physical, relational and energetic levels. The result is an empowered approach to whole person wellbeing, putting you in the driver’s seat of creating balanced integration of mind, body, and spirit.

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