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Good Evening Bliss!

Ending the day with a relaxed and mellow feeling can just put everything else into balance! For this reason, we offer a Evening yoga class regularly at Bliss; each class unique in style so that there is always something for you! Check out our online calendar to see what class fits your needs and schedule. For a quick reference here are our evening offerings: Monday: Yoga for Beginners 6:30-7:30pm w/Rebecca Tuesday: Core Strength Vinyasa 5:30-6:30pm w/Melita BlissMama Prenatal 6-7pm w/Heidi Evening Yoga 7:30-8:30pm w/Heidi Yoga for Physical and Emotional Healing 7:30-8:30pm w/Rebecca Wednesday: Yoga for Beginners 6:30-7:30pm w/Rebecca Creative Meditation 7-8pm w/Marilyn Thursday: Hot Vinyasa 5:30-6:45pm w/Melita Friday: Happy Hour Yoga 6-7pm w/Rotating Teachers Don’t see a class that fits into your evening routine? Contact one of our yoga teachers to schedule a yoga private at [email protected]

Ending the day with a relaxed ...

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Kriya Yoga Initiation At Bliss!

Join Ryan Kurczak On Friday August 8th for Kriya Yoga Meditation (Paramahansa Yogananda Tradition). Friday's class will be from 6-8pm and is donation based. *Friday's class is a prerequisite for Sunday's Initiation* On Sunday August 10th join us for  Ryan's Initiation into the Kriya Yoga tradition. This event is from 7-9 AM and reservation is required. Book Here: Details and requirements will be sent once reservation is made. What is Kriya Yoga: Kriya Yoga is a path to inner peace and Self-realization made popular by Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi. The path itself is one that utilizes specific mantra meditation, breath awareness techniques and Self-inquiry. Nine years ago I was authorized and ordained to share and teach Kriya Yoga by a direct student of Paramahansa...

Join Ryan Kurczak On Friday Au...

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