Sat Nam ~ I AM the PLOW

Sat Nam ~ I AM the PLOW

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Rebecca’s Sat Nam Series is designed to deepen your personal relationship with the concepts and poses in yoga.

Friday, September 16
7:30-9 p.m.

A 90-minute class on the full harvest moon designed to help you harvest and appreciate your physical and spiritual bounty. Our asana practice will prepare the body for Halasana, plow pose. We will explore the story of the birth of Sita, Lakshmi as earthly consort to Vishnu’s Rama. As the daughter of the Mother Earth, Sita represents the physical dimension of the universe, prakriti, just as Rama personifies purusha, consciousness. We will discover how, through cosmic union of prakriti and purusha, our bountiful bodies help us understand our own divine spiritual nature. No yoga experience is necessary.
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