Ayurveda Series

Ayurveda Series

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Wednesdays, 4/19/17 – 5/10/17 (1.5 hours/week for 4 weeks)
6:00-7:30 PM
$80 for series; $25 drop-in

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Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word meaning the “science of life”, is India’s 5,000 year old medical system. It is commonly referred to as Yoga’s sister science, as both are rooted in the ancient Vedic tradition. Yoga teaches us how to balance our mind, while Ayurveda teaches us how to balance our body through the use of food, herbs, and living in harmony with nature. In this 4-week series, we will explore Ayurvedic teaching and how to bring it into our everyday lives with the goal of becoming more balanced in our minds and bodies as well as in tune with the world around us. Handouts of class material will be provided. Participants are encouraged to attend the full series, however drop-ins are offered for those who have a prior understanding of Ayurveda. Save $20 when you “register for ALL classes ($80) or sign up for individual topics ($25).



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