What Animal Spirit Is Your Guide

What Animal Spirit Is Your Guide

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Ever notice that you always see a particular animal or bird no matter where you are? Notice that this creature shows up exactly when you need it to as a source of comfort. We call this a animal totem or animal spirit guide.

Anyone can have a guide. You can have multiple guides.

Bear Medicine has special powers of wisdom, strength and healing. Adaptable and determined, Mouse Medicine gives you the ability to easily discern which details are the important ones and which one do not need your attention

An animal/spirit guide will intrigue and resonate. Your guides can connect you deeper to the life you are wanting to live and offer you focus and direction based on the characteristics of that animal or bird. One extra positive impact of enjoying your spirit guide is that in our busy, modern lives, these guides can connect us deeper to mother nature.

Great white egret represents Manifest Miracles

If you have missed Talia’s workshops on this topic (don’t worry we’ll have more soon), know that we also carry several much loved decks in the #BlissShop. These decks can help you find the meanings behind the animals that you see.

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