5 Reasons for Regular Bodywork

5 Reasons for Regular Bodywork

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Who needs bodywork? Every-body!

Bodywork seems like such a luxury sometimes, but it’s something that is affordable and necessary for a balanced life. When you and the people around you are relaxed and less-stressed life is Bliss!

Here are 5 legit reasons why you need to book a massage now:

  1. Happiness – By releasing tension you reduce anxiety and depression.
  2. Better Sleep – Studies show that with regular massage people are able to sleep more restfully.
  3. Immunity – Massage help move lymphatic fluids which moves toxins and keeps you healthy.
  4. Balanced Body – Hormones, stress response, cardiovascular function, all become balanced.
  5. Fountain of Youth –  Shown to improve mood and elevate energy levels.

Luckily Bliss offers exclusive Members only discounts on massage when you commit to 6 sessions.

Pay for basic and upgrade any session anytime!

Ahhhh Bliss…

Ready. Set. Bliss ME Out!

Book a “Bliss Me Out” Spa day and Save! Get a Facial, a Massage, and a Sauna session for less! No membership required.

Girl with a beautician at spa salon. Beautician performs cosmetic procedures.applying cosmetic mask by brush. Cosmetology, facial, beauty - The concept of facial skin care.

Bliss Me Out:

~ 90 minute Facial
~ 90 minute Intuitive Massage
~ Hot Sauna Session
Cost: $260

Book Now!

Bliss Me Out mini:

~ 30 minute Facial
~ 60 minute Intuitive Massage
~ Hot Sauna Session
Cost: $180

Book Now!

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